Thanksgiving is usually a time for sharing good chat and better drinks with family, and that’s exactly what we did recently at Day In The Dirt 2023. Like we do every year, we got together with our moto friends at Fasthouse and Red Bull Motorsports alongside our brightest Authentico superstars on two-wheels. The result? It was pretty much the best weekend ever.

Last weekend was a holiday event meant for spinning laps, sharing laughs, and cracking open cold beer around the campfire at the end of every day. Glen Helen Raceway once again provided the perfect place for moto and bike lovers across California to converge and let loose for some fun in the dirt to celebrate a crazy year winding to an end.

Will we be back next year? Of course.

If you weren’t following along with our live updates on Instagram, that’s okay. We’re sure you had slightly less important things to do. So, if you were dealing with the stresses of holiday travel, or researching how to cook a turkey in an hour-or-less on the internet, Day In The Dirt dates back to 1998 and has always been centered around the idea of fun, family, friends and all things moto. The iconic gathering is all about good times. There are multiple races throughout the weekend, live music, and plenty of frosty beer to go around.

You can see why we keep saying it’s one of the best times of the year. We’ve heard that, “once it gets in your blood, it stays with you forever.” That’s a fact.

For us to be able to hang out here, camp out here, and just have some family time and ride dirt bikes, you can’t get much better than that.

— Vicki Golden

Every year it gets better and better, and here we are once again, and we’re going to keep going until the wheels fall off.

— Tyler Bereman

Maybe we’ll see you at next year’s Day In The Dirt? We wouldn’t hold it against you if you decide not to go but we would say it wouldn’t be the wisest choice. Each year we come out of the weekend with friends and family sharing memories and conversations that are unforgettable. Now who wouldn’t want that to crack open over a few cold ones? Count us in.