805 is driven by the lifestyle and ethos of the people from California's Central Coast, the Authenticos are free spirited and rooted in rugged individualism. As 805 expanded beyond our humble upbringings we connected with so many others that were cut from the same cloth. 805 has become an expression of these people and to all of those who share that same spirit and enjoy our beer.


matt becker

Commercial fisherman by trade and big wave surfer by choice, this California native has found the true balance and meaning in working hard and playing harder. Matt gets up early, before the sun, to get prepped and ready for a day on the boat with his Dad. When he's not fishing to earn a living, you can find Matt on route to his favorite surf spots along the coast. When the ocean comes alive Matt prefers to charge Mavericks where the risk can outweigh the reward - but it's worth it at the end of the day when you make it to the shore alive.


colin nearman

It's an easy way of life on California's Central Coast and local surfer and photographer Colin Nearman takes full advantage. The scenic coastline drew him into photography and that has allowed him to blend his passion for surfing and the ocean with a career in photography.


randy johnson

What's more to say about 65-year-old bronc rider "Randy Johnson". That's a true cowboy right there! Bronc riding is a classic event in rodeo, it's a young man's sport and Randy Johnson is the last of a dying breed. "Lift and hustle, hang on for just one more try." 


dustin kral

Everyone follows a different path to make life interesting and Dustin Kral is no exception. Head brewer by trade and recreational Deep-Sea fisherman by choice. When he's not posted up at the brewery, Dustin is enjoying the open ocean and pristine coastline along the central coast.   

yone foll


After growing up on the sunny beaches of California, Gabe Taylor has now has found his comfort zone living and snowboarding on the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Gabe is a modern day working class citizen with a twist, he has positioned himself perfectly as he works in one of the most beautiful settings in the world! Located directly at the base of Mammoth Mountain resort.



At first glance, Meatball can catch you off gaurd as he looks like he just dusted off his boots from1975 and hasn't changed his clothes in more than 40 years. He's a one of a kind original who started promoting motorcycle races just to have a good time with his buddies, and he is now reponsible for the re-birth of "Run What You Brung" flat track motorcycle racing in California. This traditional american past time has now spread far beyond the state with racers coming out of the wood work to get thier two-wheel fix.


scott flint

Scott Flint is a true gentleman of nature. A ski instructor in the winter months, a fly fishing guide in the summertime. He enjoys living in the mountains, spending time in remote locations of California and spending days alone with his thoughts, camping and fishing. 



Nikki Lane headed to California from South Carolina to persue a fashion career when she was 18 years old. Little did she know that her trip to California would be the starting point of a journey that would change her direction and ultimately land her first recording deal. Nikki's music is a captivating homage to the past and she is un apologetic in her personal persuits. She has recorded three stunning albums and has a grit and glamour to her persona that is un-matched. She does things her own way and there is no doubt that she will go down in history as being one of the modern day singer-songwriters to change the current musical landscape.


cliff talley

Third generation almond farmer Cliff Talley runs a family business in a unique part of California. Situated in the center of the state with the Sierra Nevada mountain range just an hour to the east, Cliff has his life balance figured out. Work all day, rip his hot rod up and down empty roads and find solace with weekend trips to the mountains. It’s a simple and easy concept just the way Cliff likes it.


ashley sanford

Ashley Sanford was introduced to drag racing by her father and grandfather at an early age, what started out as a hobby led her to compete on one of the world's biggest drag racing stages - The NHRA U.S. Nationals. Piloting a Top Fuel Dragster at speeds over 320 mph in less than four seconds takes a little bit of courage, and Ashley is unfazed. She set out on a quest to fullfill her childhood dream, becoming one of the fastest racers on earth.   


joseph yee

Soft spoken and a man of few words, Joseph Yee uses his small surfboard brand to speak loud and clear. Located out of the way in an off beat Central Coast town, Joe specializes in 100% hand built shapes, quality glass work with streamlined and mystical resin tints.   


tyler bereman

 A former supercross racer turned free rider, and a current member of the Fastshoue crew. Tyler Bereman likes to hit big jumps and has one of the best motocross whips in the game, and he does not limited himself to one style of riding. You will find him flat track racing with his Dad, ripping wheelies everywhere, and hanging out at Red Bull Rampage with his down hill buddies. He's the one in the pits with the biggest smile and he's always having the most fun. 



Founded in 1974, Hubbell Machine Company has fabricated some very unique and interesting items over the past 43 years. The local family business operated by Michael and Bradley Corson produces all of our hand made 805 tap handles, classified military parts used on the space shuttle and patriot missiles, plus commercial parts for the oil industry. 


gethen jenkins

Gethen Jenkins is on the fast train to stardom in the most unique and humblest of ways. Born in West Virgina, he found his way to the West Coast, living in Alaska and then spending a fair amount of time serving our country. Surprising to Gethen, he found a home here in California for his music, rapidly building a fan base supporting his original Honky Tonk sound. 



Inspired by the dream of surfing uncrowded waves with his best friends and brother, Mike McCabe searches the California coast for these moments that only happen once or twice a year. The time spent hanging out on the beach and traveling with friends, has turned into a community of like minded individuals helping each other grow with respect for the ocean and the city they live.  


Matt allgood

If your not familiar with the modern day cowboy, meet Matt Allgood. Rough around the edges but also very kind and welcoming like a long lost friend. Matt and a few cowboy buddies are starting to feel like they are the last generation trying to preserve the old ways of the west. Working the land and living in solitude on the multi acre family ranch, just like it was years ago.  



After the passing of their beloved father, Juan and Jesus Espinosa decided to do something with a purpose and meaning. Inspired with nothing but passion and an idea the brothers started Deadend Magazine. Since it's inception these two brothers have inspired and re-defined California car culture to what it is today.



Fearlessly led by Kenny Alexander - Fasthouse is a band of brothers bringing back what motocross used to, wild and free. A throwback to "When Rules Were Few" and a time when only the simple things mattered. 



Along the rolling hills and ranch lands of California's Central Coast, BBQ has been a way of life for over 150 years. Gerald "Ike" Simas and his fellow Elks Club members have cultivated and honored the traditions of Santa Maria Style BBQ to become a household name.



The freedom and solitude of growing up in a small town along the Central Coast forced Anya Violet to become a creative individual. A product designer by trade, a motorcycle enthusiast by choice, and the co-leader of a well known female motorcycle movement respectfully known as Babes Ride Out. Anya has taken her vision to the next level, whole heartedly sharing her passion and love for riding, inspiring thousands of other women to throw a leg over a bike.


the hubcap stealers

Tired of the cold and miserable weather of the east, Neal Sowers and his family picked up and headed west. They had been drawn here by the warm weather and unique culture along the central California coastline. After some struggles and getting settled into the local scene, The Hubcap Stealers were born. A two piece family duo that possess a dirty edgy sound influenced by the sights and sounds of the local surroundings.  


Matt Noble

Deep in the heart of Ventura, diverse communities come together in harmony. Surfers, bikers, and street dwellers all co-exist along the avenue. Planted right in the middle is a very humble individual known as Matt Noble, and he has created a unique lifestyle for himself and others. His small custom shop along the coast known as Noble Fabrication produces some world class cars for loyal customers.



Growing up in Santa Barbara County as a very talented up-and-coming local surfer, and shortly after graduating from Brooks institute of photography. "Bummy" somehow found his way to working in Hollywood as a high-end editorial photographer. He has always chosen to use vintage film cameras, and does not exactly agree with social media and how digital means can exploit the art of photography. He travels back and forth from home and his place of work to surf, dive and spearfish off the Santa Barbara coastline.



Dusty and trail ridden, Nathan Stuart finds modern ways of herding cattle and sheep in open pastures. He works day and night protecting the young ones from wild animals, and uses sustainable methods to preserve the herd for future generations. Nathan is not your typical cowboy, in fact he wouldn't even consider himself one. He has a deep love for the ocean, and the coastline sits just over the hill. It is here where he has balanced work and play and found solitude. 



Tired of being chained down by the corporate handcuffs of what some would consider a prestigious Hollywood career, Caleb Owens walked away to pursue his passion of motorcycles, something his older brothers introduced to him at a young age. Fast forward years later, and now Caleb is well known for building some of the best custom bikes in the world. No longer stuck in an office, his small business known as Cro Customs allows him to spend more time in the garage and on his motorcycle.



Take one step into The Gentlemen's Parlor and all worries start to slip away, as years of collected tradition surround you. Here you will be greeted by the friendly personality of Daniel Becerra, a very humble and traditional barber who has been cutting hair since he was a teenager. Take a seat in his old time chair, time slows down and everything becomes simple again. Stories start to unfold about Danny's childhood, his grandparents, and driving old cars  through the rolling hills of the Central Coast on his way to his favorite car show.   



 Jaime Holm is a nomadic wanderer who is not lost. Settled comfortably into her Central California country home, along with her husband Carl, she has found a small refuge to house and restore vintage trailers. Her passion to preserve a small piece of an American past time spawned an idea, and Tinker Tin Trailer Company was born. Specializing in vintage trailer, tent & tipi rentals, as well as photo shoots and event styling. Jaime will bring her nomadic village for the ramblin' hearts to any sort of happening and put her little special twist on it.



David Bond A.K.A. "Lucky B" personally owns and operates his traditional sign painting business in Templeton, California under the Lucky B Design label. Deep rooted in local tradition, Lucky B comes from a thick bloodline of California ranchers, but he also grew up skateboarding and was heavily influenced by art, and traditional American culture. Lucky B paints everything from local business signs and murals, old cars, choppers, vintage items, and anything that is thrown on his plate. He is an encyclopedia of California culture, he believes in preserving the history of all things that are true and meaningful, all of which shows in his artwork and his way of life. 


Shane stoneman

Shane Stoneman is a unique individual who simply slides through life at his own pace. A family man, a local surfer, muscian, and artist. He hand shapes these boards in a small coastal town, not that far from our brewery. He also shapes the 805 boards, the ones you can see hung on the walls of a few restaurants and drinking establishments. Shane does a lot of customs and his boards that can be found at many of the local surf shops along the coast.




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