We’re spending our Thanksgiving weekend at Day In The Dirt with our good friends from Fasthouse and Red Bull. Turkey and stuffing are fine and all, but we’ll be filling up on spinning some laps, shared laughs, and cold beers around the campfire. Non-stop smiles are sure to be on tap all weekend amidst the wind and dust.

It’s all going down at Glen Helen Raceway once again, and it’s also, once again, the perfect place for moto and bike lovers across California to converge and let loose for some fun in the dirt. Catch last year’s recap if you’re unsure what’s in store, and read on for a primer on what to expect this year.

Day In The Dirt is all about celebrating a crazy year winding to an end, properly. We’ll be covering all the action on our Instagram, so make sure to follow us if you aren’t already. Turn on notifications and keep a finger over that little 805 profile picture icon on the top of the app. We’ll be uploading stories so you don’t miss a moment. But until then, you can read on to see what’s on the agenda for a killer weekend.

Day 1: Friday, November 24th

Kick-off day is all about the practice sessions, and the after-party that gets rolling once the bikes power off. We’ll be grabbing exclusive angles of practice footage with our Authenticos Tyler Bereman, Vicki Golden, and more. And then stay tuned in afterwards for all the official 805 after-party shenanigans after the sun goes down.

Day 2: Saturday, November 25th

Day 2 is all about kicking into high gear because Saturday is race day. The name of the game today is simple: if it goes fast, plays loud, and looks sick, then we’re covering it. We’ll have rotating commentary with all our Authenticos and are toppin’ it off with another happy hour.

Day 3: Sunday, November 26th

Our Sunday send-off starts off with coverage of the last few races, a recap with our all Authenticos, awards, and one, last final goodbye with our crew as we wrap up an incredible weekend.

Like we said before, it’ll be an epic time, and you’re not going to want to miss a beat. If you don’t already, make sure you follow us on our Instagram so you get served up your own slice of the action.