On November 29 – December 1, 2019, we teamed up with Redbull and Fasthouse to throw down at the fastest party in town known as “Day in the Dirt”. Despite the damp and cold weather, racers and spectators all gathered at Glen Helen Raceway for the 22nd annual Day In The Dirt weekend. People traveled from all over the country, UK, and Australia to participate in the weekend of fun races.

What started as a one-day event in 1998 has turned into what some people call the “MX Woodstock”. It’s a gathering of family and friends and what they love most – dirt bikes. It not only attracts some of the fastest racers in the world and the who’s who of the moto industry but also riders from the Hollywood stunt community and moto fanatics worldwide.

Some people call it the Woodstock of moto, others call it burning man for dirt bikes”

— Fasthouse


Day in the Dirt is hailed as a weekend party with a racing problem. Take a quick journey into the event through the eyes of Fasthouse rider, Ricky Diaz.

Races range from classic Grand Prixs, Vintage, and the Mini Class, to the more electric-like: “The Old Switcheroo”, a team race reserved for SAG stuntmen, Bossa Nova Grand Prix 3-Man Team Race, and Moto-A-GoGo a relay race where team members can share or ride their own bikes but must switch every lap.

A party with a racing problem

805 is the title sponsor of the XR100, a pit bike race on a flat track in the heart of all the pits. As well as this year’s Saturday Night Barn Party featured the ultimate 80’s tribute band “Fast Times”.

Though nothing beats an exciting and entertaining flat-track pit bike race, the Coup de Grace Survival Race is one of the real attractions. This race is the last race of the weekend. No one knows how long the race is, its changes every year. This year the winner was RJ Wageman, who worked his way to the number one spot after starting at the 15th spot.

For a quick look into the weekend, take a look at our short videos.

Fasthouse riders like the have a good time, live life, have fun and kill it. “I can just let go, put your middle fingers up with a smile and let it roll.”