Ryan “R-Dog” Howard is the unofficial king of style on a bike. His approach to every jump, speed scrub, and berm is like watching a composer at work.  Hailing from Aptos, California, R-Dog grew up around some of the best riding that California has to offer.  Whether it is hitting the dirt jumps, slapping berms, or hauling through the loam and roots of Santa Cruz, R-Dog is sure to have a smile on his face.

Mountain biking is a core pastime in California.  The vast variety of terrain provides a little something for everyone. The Central Coast is full of trails and jump lines if you know where to look.  Just a few hours north of the 805 canning lines you can find yourself in dense Santa Cruz forest edged up against the rugged coastline of Northern California.  Keep a lookout for R-Dog on the fire road climb up- he’s bound to be out on a ride.  Read More about R-Dog.