Born and raised just inland from the Central Coast, Nate Tyler was introduced to surfing through his father, who’d take Nate and his friends to the beach every weekend. As Nate progressed, sponsors started taking notice and thus ensued the chaotic life of a pro surfer.

Burned out on the fast lane surf industry, Nate has hunkered back down on the central coast with his family where he pursues artwork and surfing in the place he loves most. Watch the beautiful silence unfold in this tale of free-surfing legend.

Nate’s love for surfing wasn’t birthed at an early age.  His home town of Templeton is set inland from the coast, and is driven by team sports, agriculture and rolling hills.  Nate’s dad grew up surfing and eventually rounded group of Nate and his friends together for trips down to the beach on the weekend.  What started out as weekend beach days began to stoke a lifelong passion for surfing that is yet to be extinguished.

As a late teen, Nate moved to Orange County to gain exposure on his evolving talent and be near his sponsors.  The culture difference between the highway heavy scene of Southern California and the quiet countryside of the Central Coast was stark, and Nate never really felt at home in the fast lane environment.  He eventually made his way back home to the Central Coast because it felt like more of the way he wanted to live his life.

Nate’s father was a huge influence through his passion for artwork and metal sculpting.  As an accomplished artist, he’s refined Nate’s sculpting and has challenged him to continue to progress with his artwork, creating kinetic metal sculptures from the ground up.

The culmination of putting down family roots, working closely with his father on artwork, and surfing have kept Nate grounded back home on the quiet Central Coast of California.

I could not imagine not being who I am and not being where I am.

— Nate Tyler