805 Beer presents Greyson Fletcher, a short feature film revealing how this storied skateboarder and heir to surfing family royalty stokes his own passions for skating, surfing and art. His unconventional lines and unmatched pool skating have glued the skate world’s eyes onto each one of his unpredictable sessions.

Throughout his life, his Grandpa (Herbie Fletcher), Dad (Christian Fletcher), and Uncle (Nathan Fletcher) all played a big role in shaping him into the well rounded person he is today. Through it all, his Grandma (Dibi Fletcher) has been the glue that holds the crew together. Watch the film here.

I was diehard skate. Sweat, blood and truck smashing the coping.

— Greyson Fletcher

Like Herbie, Greyson found skating at an early age and was hooked. When the San Clemente Skate Park was first built, he practically lived there. Herbie would drop Greyson off first thing in the morning, bring him lunch in the afternoon, and pick him up after dark. He’s hit every inch of the park but is still coming up with fresh approaches and lines.

Greyson approaches his art like he does his skating- sporadic and unplanned. He prefers a random go-with-the-flow approach and seeing what comes out of it.

Despite surfers and skaters tending to butt heads, Greyson never shied away from the ocean and took to the water  just like his family before him. He’s the perfect example of the skate and surf world’s collision.  With family like Herbie, Nathan, and Christian Fletcher it’s hard to stay too far from the waves.

Chaos. I wanted to see chaos.

— Greyson Fletcher