We could not be more stoked to be invited back to Born-Free in 2024. Going down in the end of June, Born-Free is a warm, mid-summer weekend with incredible bikes, memorable people, and an overall phenomenal vibe. Add some icy beers into that mix, and what’s not to love?

JUNE 22 – 23

To be invited back to the Born-Free Show in 2024 alongside @harleydavidson to support Invited Builders is why we love what we do. Since its release, we’ve been looking at this epic list of 2024 Invited Builders Announcement from @bornfreeshow, and there’s no doubt there will be some absolutely mental builds in Orange County, CA in June. We’ve even been watching some pretty radical bike builds unfold over the past few months too, and we won’t spoil any surprises, but we will say just get hyped for it all to be unveiled at Born-Free 15.

We’re pretty proud to partner up with a force for good in the moto world by joining up with our friends at Harley Davidson to support these Invited Builders of the show. It’s not all just builds, bikes, and beers, however. It’s a lot of that too, but it’s also a whole lot more. Read on to find out just what a weekend at Born-Free entails.

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Let’s start by providing some context. The Born-Free Motorcycle Show started back in 2009 when two friends, Mike Davis and Grant Peterson, decided to throw a get-together of vintage choppers in Orange County, California. Believe it or not, there weren’t really any shows for bikes of that sort back then. There certainly was a hunger for it, though, and Born Free’s meteoric rise quickly made it “the” place for old and young from all over the world to ride in, see, and talk about old iron for one day. Now, over 14 years later, it brings together over 25,000 eager spectators and participants and over 200 vendors and sponsors for a weekend of live music, Ives Brothers Wall of Death, the highly anticipated Invited Builder show, Special Guest Area, AMCA regional swapmeet, and so much more.

Mike and Grant’s promise with Born Free was to showcase custom-built bikes by some of the best builders from around the globe over a killer weekend filled with exponentially good vibes. And more than a decade later, they’re still delivering on that promise.


The last time we made it out to Born-Free, we headed out to The Lone Star State for all the good times. We knew Texas does it bigger, but we didn’t expect to really experience just how much was in store for it all. And we know this year’s will be even bigger and better.

It all goes down June 22 through June 23 in Silverado, California. When we previously made it out that way it was a balmy 90 degrees (it’s a dry heat), so there was no excuse not to be out and making the most of our time in the sun. The mercury in the thermometer may have been sitting up high, but so were everyone’s stoke levels. 

That, plus, we brought enough truckloads of cold ones to fight the heat of the weekend. Thankfully, when it comes to making sure everyone has an 805 or Cerveza in hand, we keep things pretty dialed. This isn’t our first bike rodeo, but we’ll be cracking into it all with ease.

We’re ready for another weekend of blazing sunshine, good company, and even better times. We can’t thank Born-Free enough for the invite, and we can’t wait to see you all there. Until then.