We are more than stoked to be invited back to Born Free this year. It’s a warm, late-summer weekend with incredible bikes, memorable people, and an overall phenomenal vibe. Add some icy beers into that mix, and what’s there not to love?

The last time we made it out to Born Free it went down in Silverado, California and it was a weekend of sick rides and good times with roughly 15,000 other moto enthusiasts who also showed up for the party. At a balmy 90 degrees (it’s a dry heat), there was no excuse not to be out and making the most of our time in the sun. The mercury in the thermometer may have been sitting up high, but so were everyone’s stoke levels.

This year we’re headed out to The Lone Star State for all the good times. We know Texas does it bigger, so we can’t wait to see what’s in store for it all. It’s sure to be a great time, and we’re sure we brought enough truckloads of cold ones for the weekend. Thankfully, when it comes to making sure everyone has an 805 or Cerveza in hand, we keep things pretty dialled. This isn’t our first bike rodeo, but we’ll be cracking into it all with everyone else.

If you’re looking for us this weekend at Born Free, all you have to do is look for the logo. From there finding a fridge or cooler full of cold beers that have your name on them is easy. We’ll be there dishing them out, and enjoying everything Born Free always has to offer.

But what is Born Free all about? Founded by two motorcycle enthusiasts, Mike David and Grant Peterson, Born Free’s been going on for more than a decade now. The goal is to showcase custom-built bikes by some of the best builders from around the globe, provide some excellent entertainment on two wheels, and more. And they always deliver.

We’re so stoked to be back again this year, and we can’t wait for another weekend of blazing sunshine, good company, and even better times. Still not sure what to expect? Crack into a cold one and read the recap from last year’s Born Free to get caught up, and then read on here to see what’s on our itinerary and learn how you can get in on the good times too.


When he’s not riding, 805 Authentico Frankie Garcia will be enjoying a good couple of beers with us over the weekend. For those who don’t know Frankie, he’s been ripping on two wheels longer than you can imagine and is the self-proclaimed “King of Baggers.” He’s been to just about every supercross and motocross event under the sun, and he’ll be taking over our Instagram over the course of the weekend.

If you’re on the scene in Texas as well, come find us. Who knows, maybe we’ll put your bike setup and mug up on the 805 ‘gram for doing so. We’ll also be going behind the scenes at all things Born Free, looking at exclusive bike builds, ranking (and rewarding) our favorite setups together, and a whole lot more.

So if you can’t make it, follow us on Instagram so you don’t miss a single beat, and turn on notifications so you can get in the action as it unfolds. Even if you can’t be there yourself, you’ll feel like you’re right there in the dust. You can even add a cold one in hand for added effect. In fact, we encourage doing just that.


We’ll also be joined by our good friend Meatball out in Texas. At first glance, Meatball can catch you off guard, as he looks like he just dusted off his boots from 1975 and hasn’t changed his clothes in more than 40 years.

But he’s a one-of-a-kind original who started promoting motorcycle races just to have a good time with his buddies, and he is now responsible for the re-birth of “Run What You Brung” flat track motorcycle racing in California. This traditional American pastime has now spread far beyond the state with racers coming out of the woodwork to get their two-wheel fix.

Meatball will be giving us his own unique take on the action unfolding around us at Born Free. Check out our original film with him, “Rebirth: Flat Track Motorcycle Racing in California,” above to get tuned in to his scene. And you’ll also see why we can’t wait to get his unique perspective on everything.

Again, we can’t wait to join everyone in Texas this weekend. If you’re in the area, come find us for a cold beer and a good time. And if you can’t make it, make sure you follow along on all the action on our Instagram.