Greyson Fletcher is mostly know for his ridiculous bowl flow and heart dropping lines, but he’s also talented with some paint and a canvas.  You can find his latest work featured on a line of signature decks with Arbor Skateboards.  In celebration, Arbor has dropped a new exclusive edit, Leave Blood, where you can see the best of Greyson in the park and the paint studio.  The Venice based Arbor Skateboards have the full line available here.  Check out Leave Blood edit here.

Greyson’s unconventional approach to a park and a bowl is refreshing to watch.  His line choice is chaotic but orchestrated at the same time.  There is a true spirit of art in everything he does- on the board and in the studio. We’re on edge to see what his mind will come up with next.

photo by: Cody Moyles

Head over to Arbor to check out all their latest happenings, and watch our documentary on Greyson Fletcher below to learn how this storied heir to the Fletcher surf dynasty carved his path in skate. Read more.