Gethen Jenkins is on the fast train to stardom in the most unique and humblest of ways. Born in West Virgina, he found his way to the West Coast, living in Alaska and then spending a fair amount of time serving our country.

Surprising to Gethen, he found a home here in California for his music, rapidly building a fan base supporting his original Honky Tonk sound.

We had time to catch up with Gethen and hear about his holiday weekend plans and what he’s been up to while sheltering-in-place just like the rest of us.

The struggle of canceled shows

Normally Gethen Jenkins would be on the road right now, touring the country and performing for his fanbase. But, like the rest of us, Gethen has been sheltering-in-place with his girlfriend in California.

“It’s been hard financially not being able to perform,” said Gethen. “Touring fills my wallet and my heart, so this whole thing has taken a toll on me personally and professionally. I’m lucky to have a good support system, but I am anxious to get back on the road.”

Not performing has freed up a lot of his time, so he’s took to writing new songs, spending time outdoors and find new ways to connect and build his fanbase.

Having served eight years in the US Marines, Memorial Day is a time for reflection for Gethen. This holiday weekend, he plans to spend it with friends and family (all keeping their distance) and remembering those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

Memorial Day weekend is a time for reflecting. Our hearts go out to those who never made it back.

— Gethen Jenkins
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Music is what I am supposed to do in life. I give 125 percent of my heart every time.

— Gethen Jenkins