Deep-rooted in local tradition, David Bond a.k.a Lucky B comes from a thick bloodline of California ranchers, but he also grew up skateboarding and was heavily influenced by art and traditional American culture. He believes in preserving the history of all things that are true and meaningful, all of which shows in his artwork and his way of life.

It’s for those reasons we partner with Lucky B on jobs including vehicle lettering, building lettering, pinstriping, poster art, t-shirt designs, and more. You name it, Lucky B has probably done it.

There really was not a time when I “became” an artist. I was born an artist, and it has always been part of me.

All through his school years, David was constantly busted for drawing when he should have been studying.

He grew up in a very solid ranching family, and his parents were very aware of his artistic calling. To their credit, their advice to him was, “if you are going to be a working artist, be the best working artist that you can be!” That is truly amazing. There are so many people, that have amazing talent, that find their dreams squashed by “you can’t make a living as an artist”. His parents’ support, gave him the push that he needed to start his business – and he has never looked back.

His business is named Lucky B Design after his family’s fourth-generation cattle brand, the Lucky B Ranch. 

I approach all of these jobs with a solid eye on traditional design. Layout is super important, and needs to be the focus of larger jobs.

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