According to Paul Cauthen, making his newest record Room 41 nearly killed him. Ironically, it’s also the very thing that saved him. Born and raised in Tyler, Texas, Cauthen is a 33-year-old singer-songwriter with country roots and a rock and roll soul. But don’t think about putting him in any type of category or genre. He pours his heart and soul into his sound, which changes from record to record. With the release of his latest record, Room 41, Cauthen lived every single line, and he’s survived to tell the tale.

I’ve always been the kind of artist that can’t write something unless I feel it and I mean it.” says Cauthen, “This record is as real as it gets for me. I am these songs.

There are certain moments in each set where you can actually feel the energy in a room…where the person listening is there with you. Nobody is bigger than anybody else, there’s just harmony, peace…that’s what we are after…

From an Empty Room to Sold Out Shows

Cauthen and his band have been on the road since 2007, finally getting his very first tour bus at the end of 2019.
“Goldie Hawn” the name he gave his bus, drove him to Austin, where he performed two sold-out shows.
Cauthen explains that previously, he played the same venue with only a few people in attendance and says, “it’s one of those businesses when you’re hot, you’re hot and when you’re not, you’re not. I’ve been not more than I have hot…”

What I want as a listener is somebody pouring out their true self, a true outpour from their heart that you can tell from their tunes.

I’ve been an ‘against the grain’ kind of guy since the beginning of my music career. My artist expression hasn’t been the easiest to catch onto.

What you see is what you get

Cauthen doesn’t like to be put in a genre. His music has been against the grain the whole time. That’s why some call him a ‘slow burning artist’ -Cauthen says, “what you see is what you get and I don’t give a F%$#.”

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I’m making a living with my music and paying the bills,” says Cauthen. “I’ve already made it in my eyes. I’m here. I’ve arrived.

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