Everyone follows a different path to make life interesting and Dustin Kral is no exception. Head brewer by trade and recreational Deep-Sea fisherman by choice. When he’s not posted up at the brewery, Dustin is enjoying the open ocean and the pristine coastline along the Central Coast.


“I really fell in love with this area at a young age. I enjoyed the pristine coastline, the mountains meeting the sea and I always liked that it wasn’t a fast-paced environment that suited my style.”

“Fishing to me is my serenity and the place where I can go and be myself.”

“I like stepping outside, away from town and away from people. I like to be on the outside looking in, it’s the place I am most comfortable, it’s the place am happiest and it’s the place I desire to be when I am not.”

“You know you’re going to have to put your effort in, put your time in, log hours, switch things up and find out what’s working and what’s not.”

“I like to share my fresh caught fish with my neighbors, friends, family and there are very few things as rewarding as bringing over fresh filed fish and a six pack of 805.”