Deep in the heart of Ventura, diverse communities come together in harmony. Surfers, bikers, and street dwellers all co-exist along the avenue. Planted right in the middle is a very humble individual known as Matt Noble, and he has created a unique lifestyle for himself and others. His small custom shop along the coast known as Noble Fabrication produces some world class cars for loyal customers.

“I spent my elementary school years in Columbus Georgia and I moved to California in 7th grade.  So I kinda grew up here from being a young kid to being a young adult.  I’ve made family of friends here.”

“To own a shop here where I can leave on my lunch break, go surfing and come back in less than an hour, my guys don’t even know I’m gone.”

My Life is Pretty Simple

“Being on the beach, being able to surf and hang out with friends is probably what kept me here.”

“Automotive wise I was just into being artistic and crafty with materials I learned to fabricate that had been passed down from my grandfather.  He was always a leader, he was always a good influence on me.  When I wanted to learn how to do something, I would ask my grandfather how to do it.”

“The reputation that I built here is all based on the quality of work that we do.  We don’t let anything out the door unless it would be good enough for my own car.”

Classic Car Culture

“Another reason why we tend to do things a little more traditionally here is because we like to keep it simple keep, the old ways, that’s just the right way.”

“The perfect day at work is being progressive, getting things done at work and surfing at the end of the street for a couple of hours.  Then hanging out with my son in the afternoon and making sure my guys are happy and my clients are happy. You know my life is pretty simple.”