Scott Flint has a unique flair for life, and he is one the last of the renegades that the past left behind. A fly fishing guide during the Summer and a ski junkie through the winter months, Scott lives by his own rules and travels the Sierra Nevada mountain range through multiple seasons taking advantage of every minute. “400 days with Flint” shows us what is obtainable if we want to live life the way we want under no uncertain rules.

“This place has always been kind of a Renegade area, it’s been known for its ruggedness. There’s a lot of stuff that nobody knows on this hill but a handful of people…”

“My age will never affect or interrupt my lifestyle and the direction it’s going now.”

It’s a Renegade Area

“I ski approximately 200 days a year or more and fish approximately 200 days a year or more so you do the math…”

Winter might keep most fair-weather fishermen at home, but Scott Flint thrives in the cold temperatures of Squaw Valley in the northwest area of Lake Tahoe. His day job might be working for Squaw Valley Ski Resort, which he’s been skiing and enjoying the perks for 29 years, but his true passion is fishing and the mountains, no matter the weather.

“The coolest thing about winter fishing for me is walking farther than most people are willing to go. There’s so much snow that 95 or more percent of the access to the majority of water is gone. You can’t park cars, you can’t just pull over in normal turnouts, they’re gone. For me it’s worth walking the 45 minutes to an hour to sit down and have a world-class section of river to yourself.”

Leave Your Worries Behind

“The number one reason I fish on my day off in the middle of the ski season is so I don’t snap and come to work cranky on my Monday.”

“A lot of people won’t go out there and fish in the wintertime when there’s 5, 6, 8 feet of snow out there on the bank. Fish have to eat all day everyday just like we do, so all you have to do is go out there and put something in front of them…”