There’s no question that Oahu’s North Shore is renowned globally for its unparalleled beauty. Palm trees, white sand beaches, and perfect surf. It’s hard to find as perfectly balanced anywhere else outside of the Seven Mile Miracle.

And its crown jewel? Pipeline, of course. The iconic break needs little to no introduction. It still continues to captivate the surf world every time it lights up, and it’ll never not be the headline break. But even after experiencing some inevitable saturation following all its years of existing at a privileged spot in surfing’s pointy end doesn’t mean it still doesn’t continue to be an absolute monster that demands respect. It still brands itself in one’s mind as a barrel that defies imagination. Pipeline is beyond a surf spot, it’s a proving ground where only the most elite surfers on the globe dare to paddle.

And one of those legends in 805 Authentico Conner Coffin.

We sat behind the scenes with Conner while filming EP 01 of our new, 805 original podcast, Cold Beer Surf Club, and got Conner’s take on this world-class wave of the North Shore. If there were a guide on tapping into one of the world’s premier waves, well, this is it. Watch Episode One of Conner’s Tour Take below now, and stay subscribed to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss another update from the North Shore.