The 2024 World Surf League season is finally underway, and where else would we want all the action to go down other than the North Shore? There’s no better place to surf, no better place to enjoy a cold one on the sand, and really no better place to just be. It’s called the Seven Mile Miracle for a reason and it all kicks off at Pipeline.


All the regular fixtures are here: crystal blue waters, warm breezes, and perfect surf rolling in from the horizon. From the sets that swing off the second reef to the Backdoor speed runs to last-second buzzer beater bombs, we’ll be covering all the action at Pipeline right here.

Keep this page open so you don’t miss a second of the action because we’ll be sharing every moment from the live broadcast – from the opening round to the finals to the 805 Post Show – so stay tuned.


Opening day was just about as perfect as you can get at Pipeline. Calm winds, eight-foot-plus swells wrapping hammering Ehukai Beach Park, Off-The-Wall, and, of course, Pipeline, and all the world’s top surfers running out there and getting amongst it. But words can only do so much, we’ll let the photos do the talking. After you’re done mind surfing, crack open a cold one and have a glimpse of the opening’s day’s 805 Post Show to catch yourself up to speed on every barrel, grab rail, bail, and more.

And catch the 805 Post Show from day one in its entirety below.


After a few days of some moody surf, the Round of 32 kicked back into action at Pipe. Heavy upsets and plenty of last-minute heroics scattered among men’s aforementioned Round of 32 and 16 duels. World Title favorites, WSL Champions, and CT veterans were dealt early exits at a wave they know all too well by a surge of emerging threats and proven chargers. Fantasy teams were in crumbles and expert predictions joined our beers on ice after another exciting day of surfing. We’re on to finals day next…

Missed the day’s excitement? Don’t fret, you can crack open a cold one and watch all the action from day two on the 805 Post Show. Get your pen and notepad out and ready, though, because you’ll need all these details to get properly locked in for finals day.

Catch up on it all below now.


It shouldn’t be a surprise, but Finals Day was just one of those days when everything makes sense. Next-generation chargers lowered their shoulders against seasoned vets, and it was a race to see who came out the other end their feet still on the wax. There were more buzzer beaters, perfect scores, and the sort of mind-blowing surfing that reminds us why we do this all in the first place. It was the perfect show to pair with a cold 805, so why don’t you grab one out of the fridge, take a look at all the scenes we experienced during an epic Finals Day, and then scroll on to get yourself up to speed on all the action.

You can watch every wave, highlight, and paddle battle on the WSL’s 805 Post Show below. Congrats to the winners and everyone who surfed and made this contest as epic as could be. Let’s do that again.


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