Do you prefer paddling into the famed left at Pipeline, or risking the tricky right at Backdoor? Would you rather surf empty North Shore, or have your home break all to yourself? If you had to surf a one-on-one surf off with your younger brother, who would win?

These are just some of the questions we asked Authentico Conner Coffin in Between Sets, a slice-of-life video we put together on the North Shore. Oahu’s seven-mile miracle has been used as a personal benchmark for surfers looking to prove themselves for decades. And while we’re certainly enjoying the world-class surf, we’re also here providing well-earned cold ones for everyone once they’re out of the water. Stream the video below.

Grab an 805 or Cerveza from the fridge and stay tuned for more from Conner and us. You can follow along here or on our Instagram.