Hello, and welcome to the newest winter-adjacent endeavor from your friends at 805 Beer.

The rules of the game here are quite simple. Rule one, it’s not a game. In fact, it’s a playlist. A dump of playlists, specifically. A dump of playlists that are meant to accompany you as you hit the mountain this winter and next, and next, and the one after that after each fresh dump of snow.

If you’re like us, and you’re here already so we’re sure you are, the winter is all about the higher altitudes. North swells and surfing is great and all, but when the dump alerts start hitting we’d much rather swap our neoprene and step up for a different type of waterproof clothing and fiberglass. That’s right: we’re hitting the mountain. The runs are cold and the cold ones at the bottom are colder, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.


Fresh Tracks is our semi-weekly snow update from all our above-sea-level Authenticos. Clips, montages, and everything else that gets you excited to drop into the back bowls live here. And we’ve also provided playlists, as mentioned before, and will provide more as time goes on. Everything sounds great and goes best with an open run and the prospect of some ice-cold 805s in the base village.

So, press play, start planning your route for the day, and let it ride.


That’s right, for volume two of Fresh Tracks we decided to bring in a special guest to spin the decks: our own Ryan McElmon. If you don’t know Ryan, we’re sorry you’ve been missing out. And we’re not just saying that because that means you haven’t seen his custom-made 805 snowmobile yet, which we’re pretty sure is the only thing cooler than the ice on the mountain. Born an East Coast weekend slope warrior but now callimg Park City, Utah, home, Ryan is a professional slopestyle skier, downhill mountain biker, and tight member of our 805 crew. He’s tagging and sending us incredible clips, photos, and more almost daily so we couldn’t be more stoked to feature his favorite mountain tunes in this latest edition of Fresh Tracks.

We can’t promise it’ll make you ride with the same command, flow, and steeze as Ryan. But it helps him, so it’s certainly worth turning the volume loud, hitting play, and giving it a shot.