Out of bounds. Off-piste. That place on the mountains where there’s no one else around you. That’s just how we like it.

Forget the lift lines, the awkward conversations with random families in the gondola, and anxiously waiting your turn as everyone watches on at the top of the half pipe. This is where boards are put to powder and lines are trimmed that would send even master barbers out looking for a new line of work. It’s a race to the bottom where a full cooler of cold ones is waiting. 

Catch our full film with backcountry superstar and 805 Authentico, Gabe Taylor, “Out Of Bounds,” below now. And then read on to hear more about the movie.

It’s no secret that when the first dump alerts of the season start dingin’, our mind’s on Mammoth Mountain. The 395 is a stretch of asphalt we know all too well. The goals and agenda of each annual pilgrimage are straightforward and unchanging: Grab boards, fill the cooler with future cold ones (snow’s great in a pinch when you forget ice), hit the gas and go.

There’s a whole lot more to Mammoth Mountain than the icy halfpipe walls, 80-foot park jumps, and McCoy Station. The good stuff is well past any pink park fixtures and well beyond a metal statue of an extinct elephant genus Mammuthus. And if there’s anyone who knows where to find it, it’s Gabe Taylor.

Gabe is a professional snowboarder, marketer, dad and lover of the mountains. He grew up surfing sunny beaches but found his true calling in the snowy peaks of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range in Mammoth, California. Gabe has positioned his passion for snowboarding to blend perfectly with his career at Mammoth Mountain Resort. In this new short film we follow him deep into the Sierra Nevada mountain range for a day of fun in the backcountry.

Check the snow levels on your weather app, throw on a pair of goggles, and surround yourself with cold ones before hitting play for the full effect. And then stock up with our Beer Finder so you’re all set for a properly chill one next time you travel to higher altitudes.