Pro-snowboarder and 805 Authentico, Gabe Taylor, invited us on an epic day in the backcountry of the Sierra Nevada mountains climbing up peaks that very few have experienced, all to enjoy the glory and freedom of boarding down.

One foot in front of the other, carrying a full pack and snowboard, we hiked to the top.

Taylor grew up surfing sunny beaches but found his true calling in the snowy peaks of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range in Mammoth, California. “I remember the first time I drove into Mammoth on Highway 203 and seeing the mountains and feeling something different. Feeling like a spec and wanting to climb and get to the top of those mountains,” Taylor said.

He was determined to make his passion work for him. And he did.

Taylor manages digital marketing for Mammoth Resort which allows him the freedom of exploring mountaintops and untouched runs, all in the name of work and fun. In addition to creating photo and video content, he also assists with the mountain’s avalanche search and rescue team, using his skills to help get to where many can’t go.

I feel so alive out there, I know that sounds cliché, but I absolutely love the Mammoth Crest.

— Gabe Taylor, 805 Authentico and Pro Snowboarder

Looking around from the top of the peak, the mountain seems untouched. Away from traffic and crowds, up here it’s peaceful and it’s all yours.

“My experience makes it possible to get on some big peaks. When you’re snowboarding you’re flying, you’re floating, you’re gliding on snow. It’s one of the most natural feeling things. You buckle feet to a board and you’re off. Riding a snowboard is really special.”

And just like that, he’s off.

The open trails and fresh powder are theirs to take as they descend from the peak, one by one experiencing the true feeling of freedom, knowing that when they reach the bottom they’ll be dreaming of doing the biggest peak next.

When you’re snowboarding you’re flying, you’re floating, you’re gliding on snow.

— Gabe Taylor

After a long day on the mountain, it was time to retreat back to the base and look back on yet another epic ride.

“Some of the best times of my life are getting back to the parking lot and grabbing a beer and telling stories of what just happened. You were just on top of a mountain, that’s pretty rad. You used your feet, climbed a mountain and rode a snowboard down it. It’s fun to share stories and relive the amazing times you’ve been having,” Taylor said.

With a cold beer in hand, Taylor looks up at the mountain and hopes he can keep doing whatever it takes to keep living the dream and exploring new peaks and old favorites. “I always ask myself the question: Is this where you want to be? Yeah, it’s a little scary but is that risk part of it? Yeah, this is rad and I love it.”

Mammoth Crest features Gabe Taylor along with snowboarders Marisa Krawczak, Danila Shipilov, Emma Crosby Boyd. The film was written by Chirs Wellhausen and Troy Powell, directed by Chris Wellhausen, photography directed by Kyle Schwartz, editing and post-production by Brendan Lutes, motion graphics by Lee Diskin and produced by Troy Powell.

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