We gassed up and hit the road again with the rad ladies at Babes Ride Out.  This time it was back to Borrego Springs for some desert camping, cold beer and good company.  It’s been many moons since the crew had been back to where it all started.

Co-founders Anya Violet and Ashmore Ellis first held Babes Ride Out on a dry lakebed in Borrego, and the movement of women’s only motorcycle camping was born.  Going back to the roots of the event allowed for some retrospective between beers on how the event has transformed over the years.

What was it like getting back to the desert after the chaotic last year?

Ashmore – “Borrego is such a special place for us as it’s where Babes Ride Out truly started. It honestly didn’t hit until the night before when we were sitting in Carlees (just like we did almost a decade ago) and it was a moment of “WOW” look how much this community has grown. And not because of us, but the sheer enthusiasm of riders & partners that have been supporting it over the course of its existence. It was a proud & humbling moment for sure as we reminisced over a few 805 beers & potato skins.”

What’s your favorite part about getting to host these events?

Anya- “The people we meet are of the highest caliber of awesome! It is a certain kind of person that enjoys navigating the roads on a bike and packing all your gear with you. It’s the best kind of person. Hearing that even one woman found a love of life on two wheels after hearing about or attending a Babes Ride Out event gives us such an amazing feeling!”

How has the B.R.O. has the community grown recently?  Are there a lot of new faces as the events go on?

Ashmore- “We personally have relationships in this community that started before 2013 and within that original group of 50 women who attended the first event. Over that span of time we have all had major life events (marriage, divorce, having kids, losing loved ones, health issues, accidents, job loss, job gain, you name it)- all the big things that we as humans experience as we go through life.”

“What I find comfort in, is we all still have motorcycling to bring us together and it almost feels like a ‘ HECK YEAH I MADE IT ANOTHER YEAR’ party when we see each other at Babes events. I see attendees making those same connections & friendships every year at Babes events. To me, that’s it, the growth comes from those connections women make and keep investing time and energy into. We just give them a place and environment to encourage and celebrate it.”

Stay up to date on the latest Babes Ride Out happenings, and make sure you check out the film Back To Borrego to see how this motorcycle movement all began.  Shop the latest women’s Moto inspired collection from our friends at ATWYLD.