We teamed up with our good friends at ATWYLD to release a new collection of women’s Moto lifestyle gear. Co-founder and 805 Authentico Anya Violet was born and raised on the Central Coast of California minutes away from the brewery, where the passion for motorcycles was first stoked. After helping start Babes Ride Out, a women’s only motorcycle campout, the need for women’s Moto gear was apparent and ATWYLD was born. Check out the collection here.  Watch below to see how the line came about with Anya Violet.

“The idea for ATWYLD started while on a motorcycle ride with my friends Jaime Dempsey and Corinne Mayor (later co-founders and business partners). We were riding up Angeles Crest Highway and had stopped for lunch. We were talking about how frustrated we were in trying to find functional, stylish, and comfortable riding gear for ourselves. Why was no one doing this?

Instead of being frustrated we formulated a plan to start a company that fills the massive void in the market and is dedicated to women who ride. It really just had to be done.  The women’s line was and continues to be an afterthought for many adventure lifestyle and motorcycle companies. We had all worked for companies like this in the past and were frankly bored and felt it was time for something new. Enter ATWYLD.  We are here to amplify the existing and ever-growing community of thrill seekers and adventure spirited women by creating a brand and product line dedicated to them… to us.” – Cofounder Anya Violet

“The word ATWYLD is something that we created to represent the single moment that exists between fear and thrill. It’s that moment when you are on the absolute edge of your comfort zone and your adrenaline is pumping. Riding a motorcycle is, for us, about reaching this ATWYLD moment as often as possible.

Nothing inspires us more than being on the road and riding from destination to destination. There are certain pieces that just lend themselves to travel and adventure. The collaboration collection is a hand selected assortment of the perfect pieces to take with you on a road trip or day trip. Comfortable, casual pieces that can roll with you no matter where the day takes you.”- Cofounder Anya Violet