Going on for more than ten years now, Babes Ride Out has been bringing women from all over the country together on timeless adventures of motorcycle riding, camping, and all-around epic times in several iconic areas around the United States. 805 Authenticos Ashmore Ellis and Anya Violent have worked tirelessly alongside all the other all-star ladies of Babes Ride Out to create an environment that welcomes all and is a force for good in the motorcycle world, which Babes Ride Out is. And it’s about the best time you can have both on and off two wheels, and there’s a little something for everyone. 

For 2024, we are stoked to be partnered up with the crew at Babes Ride Out to support more amazing experiences. From one event to another, we love seeing these amazing weekends unfold. 

Catch up on the latest with Babes Ride Out here and read on to get a more thorough breakdown of one of our favorite sets of yearly get-togethers.

Babes Ride Out is a shining example of the good that comes out of bringing both new motorcycle enthusiasts and long-time riders together. There’s a lot of history to it as well. A wealth of lifelong memories and friendships are created simply through the love for something: two wheels and the feeling that comes with it.

If you are not yet familiar with the story of how Babes Ride Out came to, well, you’re in the right place. Over a decade ago, two friends, Anya Violet and Ashmore Ellis, set out on a trip to Borrego Springs with a group of fifty women, seeking nothing more than adventure and camaraderie. They didn’t know it then, but this was the beginning of Babes Ride Out. Their passion for motorcycles has impacted women from around the country, encouraging them to get on a bike and explore. So whether you’re a seasoned road pro or just getting your asphalt legs, or you’re riding over from down the street or rolling from across the country, everyone shows up ready to have an epic time, which is precisely what they get. Add some icy beers at the end of each day into the mix, and you can see why it was impossible for anyone not to have a permanent smile under their riding helmet.

“Riding a motorcycle is inherently empowering. When you get on a bike and you’re on the open road, it feels amazing.”

— Anya Violet


Well, Level Up in St. George, Utah just wrapped up the other weekend and we’re now heading out to Glacier, Montana. That’s right, it’s time for a scenery change from the desert landscape to fresh powder runs as the tire rubber is getting traded in for snow tracks as Babes In The Dirt (or, rather, Babes In The Snow) will take on another level with snow biking. And as the gear gets packed up for Glacier, Montana, we sit here in anticipation of the prospect of navigating through snow-covered terrain and the insane winter backdrop of Glacier National Park.

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Calendar looking a little empty? Need some killer events to fill out your weekends? We got you. Check out the full Babes Ride Out schedule below and start planning out your epic road journey as best you can:

Feb 9 – 11: Level Up, St George Utah
Feb 28 – Mar 2: Babes in the Snow, Glacier Montana
Mar 22 – 24: Babes in Borrego, Borrego Springs CA
Jun 7 – 9: Babes Ride Out East Coast, Narrowsburg NY
Jun 27 – 30: Dual Sport Summer 4, Big Bear CA
Sept 20 – 22: Babes Ride Out Central Coast, Santa Barbara CA
Oct 18 – 20: Babes in the Dirt 9, Lebec CA

Need more? Well, we have a few extra doses that bring light to the origins and evolution of Babes Ride Out. So, grab a cold one, settle in, and check them out below.


    Our latest short film outlines the past ten years of Babes Ride Out and the efforts Anya and Ashmore have made to make the motorcycle world a more inclusive, better place.


    Over a decade ago, two friends, Anya Violet and Ashmore Ellis, set out on a trip to Borrego Springs with a group of fifty women, seeking nothing more than adventure and camaraderie.