For the past nine years, Babes Ride Out has been bringing women from all over the country together for a weekend of motorcycle riding, camping, and more on the Central Coast.

But Babes Ride Out Central Coast is more than just a 2-night, 3-day motorcycle tent camping event. 805 Authenticos Ashmore Ellis and Anya Violent have worked tirelessly alongside all the other all-star ladies of Babes Ride Out to create an environment that welcomes all and is a force for good in the motorcycle world. And that’s just what Babes Ride Out Central Coast is.

It’s about the best time you can have both on and off two wheels, and there’s a little something for everyone. Situated in the beautiful hills of Santa Barbara, you couldn’t ask for a more picturesque setting. There are winding country roads and coastal highways to be ridden during the day and camping, good company, and cold beers to be shared in the evening. We were more than stoked to be partnered up for the entirety of the event, and it was truly special to see both the magic and killer times of the weekend unfold.

This year’s event was truly special, as more than 1000 ladies showed up on their bikes for the weekend, 400 of which were first-timers. And everyone, from the beginners to absolute pros, left on the last Sunday with next year’s dates already marked on their calendars.

The shared enthusiasm for the weekend was beyond palpable. One rider even rode her bike all the way from the East Coast, traveling more than 2,000 miles after being so inspired by the good times she had at this year’s Babes Ride Out East Coast, the first Babes Ride Out event she’d ever attended. And that wasn’t even the longest cross-country voyage, as rider Megan Owens took her bike over 4,500 miles from Connecticut just to be a part of the weekend.

So whether you were coming from down the street or across the country, everyone showed up ready to have an epic time, which is precisely what they got. Add some icy beers at the end of each day into the mix, and you can see why it was impossible for anyone to not have a permanent smile under their riding helmet.

There were plenty of awesome activities on offer, including the first ever 805 Moto Mini Games, which included a keg roll and egg race. Morning rides and yoga courses were split up by awards ceremonies, instructional classes, and, of course, multiple 805 happy hours. Follow that with evenings filled with an unbeatable combination of icy beers and live tunes, and you can see why everyone wasn’t quite ready to leave by the end of the weekend.

Babes Ride Out is a shining example of the good that comes out of bringing both recent motorcycle enthusiasts and long-time riders together. Thank you for putting together another killer event in our backyard and letting us join along for the ride. We’re always more than happy to provide the drinks and share high-fives, laughs, and memories that’ll last a long, long time. Let’s do it all again next year.