Since 2014, Babes in the Dirt has been bringing women together to share the experience and fun that is off-roading. What exactly is Babes in the Dirt? It’s a weekend of ladies-only dirt bike and ATV camping where everyone and anyone is invited. It doesn’t matter if you’re hitting black diamonds and clicking your heels over the handlebars on each jump, or have only ridden a street bike and just want to see what the dirt is all about, or have never even sat on a motorcycle before. Beginners, experts, and everyone in-between – all are welcome to join in on an epic three days and two nights in Hungry Valley, just a short ride north of Santa Clarita.

We were more than happy to provide drinks for the seventh version of Babes in the Dirt again this year. Sharing cold ones with the Babes Ride Out crew, including 805 Authenticos Anya Violet and Ashmore Ellis, is already an ideal weekend as is. But when there are hundreds of miles of riding trails, private tracks, and more at our glove-covered fingertips as well? It’s not like we were just going to turn down something like that. We didn’t even mention the live music, killer food, and sprawling campsites, either.

And before you ask, yes, men are allowed. But any boyfriends, husbands, or such have to find their own trails to braaap. Sorry, rules are rules. It’s also important to note that there’s no power at the site, but that’s nothing a penchant for proper under-the-stars camping can’t fix. Plus, cracking open a few icy 805s or Cervezas with dirty fingernails is a perfect way to take your mind off of any concerns like that for a while… or at least until it’s time to wake up and ride again. If anyone asks what an ideal weekend in the beautiful hills of Central California looks like, tell them it’s Babes in the Dirt.

It’s always great to see recent off-road enthusiasts enjoy themselves alongside long-time riders, and Babes In The Dirt is a shining example of that fact. Huge shout out to Babes Ride Out for putting together another killer event. We can’t wait to hit the gas on it all again next year.