Nate Tyler grew up just inland from the central coast in Templeton, California.  At a young age, his father would round up Nate and his friends for weekend trips to the beach.  These weekend getaways began kindling a passion for surfing within Nate that have yet to be extinguished.  Surfing became all Nate wanted to do and his progression opened the door for sponsorship opportunities and all that comes with them.

There came a point where moving away from the central coast and down to Orange County gave Nate the opportunity to be close to his sponsors and be in the midst of the pro surfing scene in California.  The fast-paced environment in the hub of the surfing industry was a polar opposite to the rural, sleepy central coast and eventually it was clear that who Nate was and how he wanted to live was indefinably aligned with where he grew up, and he disappeared back to his roots where he pops up along empty and cold central coast mornings amidst the fog.

Nate now lives back at home in the central coast with his wife and kids, where he surfs where he loves and works avidly on metal sculpture artwork with his father. Nate’s story is one of born, raised and returned to the 805.