Tired of being chained down by the corporate handcuffs of a Hollywood career, Caleb Owens walked away to pursue his passion of motorcycles.  Now Caleb is well known for building some of the best custom bikes in the world.  Watch as Caleb hits the road on two wheels to escape the city, disconnect and meet up with fly fishing guide and expert outdoorsman, Scott Flint for some time in the mountains of Tahoe.

If we don’t take opportunities to disconnect ourselves, we’re missing out on some amazing things in the world.

— Caleb Owens

Though Caleb and Scott come from different walks of life, there are similarities through their unconventional means of doing what they love.  The common thread of passion for their pursuits bridges the two.  It was a killer weekend of riding motorcycles, fishing in the mountains, and throwing back a few beers around the fire.

Fishing isn’t about catching. Try it sometime- you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

— Scott Flint