Cro Customs, along with Nikki Lane, Gethen Jenkins and Babes Ride Out, are 805 Authenticos featured in the second run of limited-edition cans, released in 2019.

We sat down with Cro Customs owner, Caleb Owens and Juxtapoz to talk about the limited edition can design, custom bikes and cold beer.

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Everything I’ve done with and for 805 has had meaning to me, and them. Outside the commercial aspect of the work, I’ve developed meaningful relationships with the 805 crew. As cool as the brand stuff is, what matters to me most is those relationships. After all, that’s all we have.

— Caleb Owens, Cro Customs

Tired of being chained down by the corporate handcuffs of what some would consider a prestigious Hollywood career. Caleb Owens walked away to pursue his passion for motorcycles, something his older brothers introduced to him at a young age. Fast forward years later, and now Caleb is well known for building some of the best custom bikes in the world. No longer stuck in an office, his small business known as Cro Customs allows him to spend more time in the garage and on his motorcycle.