Let’s not hit shuffle and play things in order here, shall we? A good album is nothing without a proper intro, and when it’s a discography as rockin’ as The White Buffalo’s, where it’s all killer, and no filler. But again, let’s start from track one…

Jake Smith, much more popularly known as The White Buffalo, is a musician and singer-songwriter who hails originally from the Pacific Northwest, but for the past decade has called California home. Smith’s trademark baritone voice is classical, sure, but the results are uncommon. Jake’s music is far from ordinary.

And now The White Buffalo is joining a group of fellow extraordinary types as our newest 805 Beer Authentico, and we couldn’t be more stoked about it. Hit play below for a teaser of our opening act, and then stay tuned for our full EP following this LP. You can read on to learn more as well and get acquainted with the freshest addition to the 805 Beer family.

Jake’s music can best be described as someone who grew up on a heavy diet of punk rock but then sprinkled in some servings of Townes Van Zandt, Neil Young, Leonard Cohen, and a heaping side of Johnny Cash as their palette got a bit more refined. Altogether, his work is one part rock and another part folk with a heaping side of Americana. It’s a spectacular auditory experience.

Jake found success early in his career, with his first few EPs and LPs picking up commercial and word-of-mouth traction. But it wasn’t until a bootleg tape made it into the hands of professional surfer Chris Malloy (brother of Keith Malloy, who directed our 805 Beer Film, “Mind Surfing”) that things really started to take off. Chris featured one of Jake’s songs, “Wrong,” in Malloy’s surf movie, Shelter. This eventually led to further film scoring and composing work, with many of his songs featured in FX’s hit show Sons Of Anarchy, Showtime’s Californication, Netflix’s The Punisher, and others. If you haven’t treated your ears to Jake’s music yet, you can get acquainted with his discography below. Hit play, crack open a cold one, and finish listening and reading along.

We couldn’t be more stoked to have The White Buffalo join the 805 family. Not only has he helped soundtrack all our cold one-enjoying sessions over the years, but he’s a great person, a great friend, and a great representation of what it means to be a part of the 805. Welcome to the family, Jake.