Jade Jackson was born and raised in the small town of Santa Margarita on the central coast of California. From an early age, music was the constant in her life. Her father was constantly spinning heavy songwriter records through the family home, giving Jade a taste of the world of songwriting. As Jade began to explore playing guitar and writing, Jeff Jackson saw something in her – the passion and talent to make a career out of her art. While most parents would have pushed her to line up a plan B, Jeff could see Jade’s dreams coming to fruition – even when she couldn’t. Watch as we explore how Jade’s passion for songwriting and the undying support of her family have pushed her to headline a sold out hometown show in front of the central coast.

Jade was legally blind in her youth, and until corrected she had to rely on her sense of sound to experience the world around her. This stemmed a deep connection with music, “Sounds is my most comfortable sense – it’s where I feel safe.”

Performing and songwriting have allowed Jade a safe haven to express herself and also tell stories of those who don’t have the opportunity to be on the stage under the lights. Her music career continues to grow, backed by the support of a loving family and a small town on the central coast of California.