The season has officially begun to change, and an exciting month is on the horizon. It’s a time for festive gatherings with music and ice-cold cervezas. What better combo is there?

Here to ring in Día De Los Muertos in la manera perfecta, our good friends Tropa Magica are back in “Ovni Cumbia,” their latest musical journey. In it, East L.A.’s favorite psychedelic cumbia punk sons find themselves as far away from where the 710 intersects the 60 as you can get: the afterlife.

One ill turn while trekking through the Mojave Desert is all it takes for brothers David and Rene Pacheco to wind up in the great, big place in the sky. Will they make it out? Will their alternative, punk, and psychedelic sounds continue to haunt speakers for all eternity? Will they realize being inter-dimensional undead rockers isn’t actually all that bad when the music’s loud and the beers are iced down? They do call it paradise for a reason…

There’s only one way to find out. Find your best pair of headphones, or turn your speakers to the loudest possible setting, hit play, and get ready for an otherworldly fiesta.

You better clear out some fridge space too, because limited-edition Día De Los Muertos Cerveza cans are hitting shelves now. You know we’re all about making sure our beer looks as good as it tastes, and we’ve really done a good job properly dressing this one-of-a-kind look for this once-in-a-year celebration.

Use our Beer Finder to get one colder than the grave near you now. And then let’s join family, friends, and crew in raising a cold one for the ones that are no longer here and to give a salud to the ones that are.