Halloween is a strange time for all of us. For some, it means bundling up, kids trudging back to school, and only talking about the sky turning darker earlier. For others, it means parties, dressing up, and replacing some ancient void where we once cared about having a big harvest. 

And for us? Well, here in the 805, Halloween means making our own traditions. This is a time of year when the north swells start lighting up our favorite beaches and reefs that have been sitting dormant for 13 long summer weeks, first-rainfall-of-the-year primed riding trails, and the start of snow season. This is a time of year that’s all about getting out there. 

Soup, blankets, and the quiet few moments you spend taking your big coat out of the cupboard and checking the pockets for change? Sure, but only after a long day in the water or on the mountain. And in the meantime, we’re also taking advantage of the empty lineups and skate parks while everyone is off to the same party they went to last year.

So this Halloween, we’re raising a cold one to the misfits, party starters, and those that choose to do things out of the ordinary. It doesn’t matter if you’re gathering around a bonfire, getting first tracks, or paddling into the best set of the day, just make sure you have a cold one ready.