The seasons have slipped into cold weather and fall is upon us.  In California that means the waves are on, the dirt is primed with the first rains for Moto, and powder season is near.  It’s also time to crank up the music with family and celebrate Day of the Dead.  Our good friends of Tropa Magica recently put on a Dia De Los Muertos private show in celebration.  We caught up with lead singer David Pacheco to shed some light on the cultural significance of this unique holiday.

“Day Of The Dead is a celebration of those who have left the living world and moved onto the land of the dead.  It’s a time to reflect and honor our loved ones who have passed away.” -David Pacheco

Tropa Magica’s unique sound is undeniably influenced by their roots and family has been a huge piece of their musical voice, “Our heritage has played a big part in the music we play today- Day of the Dead in particular.  I feel that the chord progressions we play generally have a gloomy feeling with an upbeat tempo.”-David Pacheco

That signature sound is the perfect metaphor for Day of the Dead and we have our playlists geared up for the celebration ready to pay homage to the past with a couple cold beers and surrounded by family and friends.  Tropa Magica is on tour now- keep up to date with the psychedelic cumbia circus at their website. Get hyped for the holiday here.