Welcome to the Cold Beer Surf Club.

Your host? Well, none other than pro surfer, musician, gardener, boat owner, Santa Barbara native and 805 Beer Authentico Conner Coffin.

Now, don’t get us wrong, we’re always excited about a new episode of the Cold Beer Surf Club dropping. But this one feels a little extra special. Today, we have one 805 Authentico chatting with another as Lakey Peterson steps into the studio to chat with our host.

There’s plenty to chat about from the two Santa Barbara legends, from reflecting on growing up in the 805 and Lakey’s decision to move down to San Clemente, to reminiscing on their NSSA days, to frothing over Lakey’s pivotal frontside air to win the National Championships at Trestles in 2014.

Start listening to it now below. Then, after you’re done, you can read on to learn more and watch the episode in full below as well.

There’s plenty more to chat about beyond the highlighted talking points above. Lakey opens up about facing the cut and the uptick on the Women’s Tour, surfing with Carissa Moore and Coco Ho in Nike’s Leave A Message, and her groundbreaking frontside air at Lowers in 2014. There’s all that, and a whole lot more. 

Don’t miss any of the excitement and stream Episode 05 of the Cold Beer Surf Club above now. New episodes drop monthly. So, stay dialled in on our socials or right here for the next killer conversation between host Conner Coffin and who’s sure to be another spectacular guest.