Welcome to the Cold Beer Surf Club.

Your host? Well, none other than pro surfer, musician, gardener, boat owner, Santa Barbara native and 805 Beer Authentico Conner Coffin.

With new episodes dropping every month, we’ll be bringing some amazing conversations and stories that are best shared with a cold one in hand. Including our latest with professional surfer, fellow 805 chargers, and our host’s own brother: Parker Coffin. Find your best set of headphones, turn your favorite speakers loud, or just make sure your car’s Bluetooth is working properly because you’ll want to listen in to every second here. Listen to it in full below now, and read on to learn more about the latest episode.

In it, Parker and Conner reminisce on what it was like growing up in the 805 and talk about the solid crew they came up with. They get into the details of charging the massive Cloudbreak swell this year, how lucky they felt to be part of the crew that went on the trip, and being content with the possibility of dying during this once-in-a-lifetime swell.

They discuss life on and off the competitive tour, Volcom House memories, and reflect on the importance of respect and what it was like as a grom to learn from the epicentre of surfing in Hawaii. They also talk about what success means to them in the changing surf industry landscape, being a part of upcoming projects like Logan Dullien’s Snapt5, recovering from gnarly injuries, wearing helmets, and doing whatever it takes to come home. They close off the pod with what’s next for the young brothers and some advice for the groms.

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