Firestone 805 is driven by the lifestyle and ethos of the people from California’s Central Coast, the Authenticos are free spirited and rooted in rugged individualism. As 805 expanded beyond our humble upbringings we connected with so many others that were cut from the same cloth. 805 has become an expression of these people and to all of those who share that same spirit.

805 is a light, refreshing ale originally created for the laid back California lifestyle. This is an easy-drinking beer that can be enjoyed anywhere.

For those who forge their own path

Stetson Lawrence is a professional bull rider with Chippewa Sioux Native American heritage. He’s been on the Professional Bull Riders tour for over seven years and is currently ranked #24 in the world.

Bull riding is both an art and a sport where mental strength and stability reign supreme. Over the years, the bulls have gotten smarter, finding new ways to buck off a rider. With a passion for the sport and respect for the animals, Stetson has mastered the art of bull riding and cherishing each and every moment as if it was his last.

For those who go big and never go home

Gabe Taylor is a professional snowboarder, marketer, dad and lover of the mountains. He grew up surfing sunny beaches, but found his true calling in the snowy peaks of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range in Mammoth, California. Gabe has positioned his passion for snowboarding to blend perfectly with his career at Mammoth Mountain resort.

In this new short film we follow Gabe Taylor and a few of his friends deep into the Sierra Nevada mountain range for a day of fun in the back country.

For those who live the black and white

We joined Bryan Thompson with Thompson’s Cycles at the Bonneville Race Tracks in Utah to race vintage motorcycles on the historic salt flats. Watch the full film and get a behind-the-scenes view of racing at Bonneville.