We caught up with Hayden Cox of Haydenshapes and talked boards with the esteemed shaper of Nate Tyler and others.  You can see some of his handy work being launched above the lip in our latest film with Nate, Beautiful Silence.

What’s the process look like shaping specific boards for surfers? 

“Nate has always been very particular in his detail with shape, with a fine detail on the feeling under his front foot.  My curves and rockers are designed to have plenty of speed and flow which has a great synergy with Nate’s surfing.  The Misc. is a 2+1 twin design that I worked with Nate on to find the fun in those super weak, average days and his feedback was great to refine that board to where we landed.”

What’s with the ASYM hype and why should everyone have one in their quiver?

“A board that you have to get your head around can bring a new focus on your surfing. Something that keeps things interesting but also to bring that unexpected feeling from a board.  The asym allows you to design curves to specifically suit wave lines that you want to draw more than a symmetrical board.  The Grisc. was a design that allowed you to gain a huge amount of speed, but then lay into the rail and use the side cuts of the Holy Grail to draw a tight carve at a very high speed without losing control.”

How does the Central Coast influence Nate’s boards and needs? 

“Flow and speed are the two biggest things Nate looks for in boards to suit the local waves.  It is very much the starting point to all the favorite shapes he ends up riding.”

Check out the latest happenings from Haydenshapes and be sure to enter for your chance to with a Grisc. model while you can here.