We’re stoked to announce Convergence, the latest film from 805 Beer that unites surf icons Conner Coffin and Nate Tyler alongside Greyson Fletcher from the gilded Fletcher surf and skate family. Premiering August 3rd at the US Open of Surfing, the film is a captivating story of passion, perseverance, and family. Convergence follows Conner, Greyson, and Nate as they travel up the coast of California to surf, skate, share cold ones, and reflect on the journey their passions have taken them on. It is the story of three extraordinary individuals whose lives have been shaped by their love for surfing and our Californian way of life. You can catch the trailer below to get a first look at the full film now, and then you can read on after watching to learn more.

Directed by Perry Gershkow, the film gives an intimate and personal view into Conner, Greyson, and Nate’s remarkable and deep-rooted familial connections, as well as their successes and challenges across their respective sports. It weaves the stories of a former World Tour ex-patriate, the youngest member of a revered surfing family dynasty, and a celebrated California free surfer. Three individuals who have all followed their own unique paths and lived their lives differently, but are united under a common love of surfing.

“I am humbled to be a part of this story and share stories with Nate and Greyson,” says Conner. “We are a community that feeds off one another and that inspires us to new levels and see surfing and life through another lens. The film does an amazing job of highlighting the shared bonds and unique perspectives we each bring to our sport and to each other.”

“There was a time when surfers and skateboarders were in two different worlds,” Greyson continues. “But that seems to be changing more and more, and for me at least, I thrive when I can combine what I learn in a concrete bowl and then head to the water and get barreled in the same day. Surfing has been my way of life from the very beginning. Convergence allowed me to reflect on my upbringing and the immense impact the sport has had on shaping my identity.”

“Surfing is so about being in the moment,” finishes Nate. “So taking that rare breath to look back on my career, family and sport in the context of two guys I really admire is a real honor. The 805 team did a caring job of capturing an authentic, sincere reflection of our journey.”

Convergence will premiere at a special event at the US Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach on August 3rd and will drop online the day after. Subscribe to our YouTube, check in here, or follow our socials for more info and details.