Los Angeles is a soccer town. It’s the biggest sport in the world being played in the second biggest city in the United States, so how can it not be? There are more than 224 different languages spoken in LA, and soccer is the universal tongue. The allure of a bright white ball on a manicured pitch in the scorching sunshine? Anyone can understand that.

And when there’s talk of soccer in LA, the conversation always revolves around the LA Galaxy. The Galaxy are a historic, exciting, and accomplished club. They’re the perfect mega-team for a megacity, and starting at defender for them, wearing number two, and helping lead the squad in its hunt for their sixth MLS Cup, is the 805’s own Julián Araujo.

Julián came down to LA from Lompoc, a small town on the Central Coast just south of Vandenberg Air Force Base. He was signed by the Galaxy on March 1st, 2019, and made his first debut just a couple of weeks later. Since then, he’s played in more than 28 games and spent more than 2,200 minutes on the field, each one as an integral part of the Galaxy’s defense.

While Julián’s focus is mostly set on the success of his team these days, his heart still lies in the 805. And like all good things that come from the heart, Julián wears it on his sleeve… and his legs, and shoulders, and back, and every other part of his body he chooses to ink. In short, he has a lot of tattoos. But each one has a story behind it. 

The Galaxy recently sat down with their star defender to talk to him about his different tattoos and what the meaning is behind each one. Julián was more than happy to chat, and he talked about his debut with the team, his favorite tattoo, and how everything he does ties back to his home in Lompoc. Every tattoo has a story. The more tattoos one has, the more stories they have to tell. And Julián is the perfect person to tell them. 

Watch the full video below now.