We gathered artists from past and present to showcase their artwork alongside some of our own at our “Journey into the Black and White” art show.

Hundreds filtered through the grand opening show and month-long exhibition at Studios on the Park in Paso Robles, California.

Opening night included beer and wine and live music by Wild the Coyote, and Pancho and the Wizards. The Deadend crew lined the streets for a classic car show.

A Journey into the Black and White

This art show was an outlet for us to take our friends on a journey into the black and white world of 805. Our story and history being told through the lease of art and craft. As 805 expanded beyond our humble upbringings, we connected with so many others who were cut from the same cloth. These Authenticos are free-spirited and rooted in rugged individualism. 805 has become an expression of these people and of all who share that same spirit and enjoy our beer.

We are inspired by our Authenticos and their crafts, whether it’s hand illustrating signs, motorcycles, surfing or photography. Each is unique yet shares the same passion for their community and core to their beliefs. We wanted to support our community and the arts, by also showcasing some of our very talented Authenticos. This art show gave us the perfect platform to do so.

We were so stoked to take a ‘Journey into the Black and White’ art show…the atmosphere was rad, the conversation intense, and the beer was cold – just the way we like it.


In addition to amazing art on the walls, the 805 Pan build was on display for all to see.

It was more than two years in the making since Caleb Owens, owner of Cro Customs, first walked out of his underground basement with those few boxes of parts. Little did we know this random assortment of metal and junk collected overtime would ultimately become the final 805 Pan build.

This bike is a 1951 Harley Davidson Pan Head and was methodically built in a small garage during the course of that two-year span. The inspiration for the build was to produce a matching companion to our 1965 Ford F-100 known as “Lebowski” and if you look closely you will see the subtle details Cro Customs added to the 805 Pan build. Watch the film on our YouTube channel.

Thank you to our artists including Gary Copeland, Alex Maldanado, Deadend, Colin, Lucky B Design, Milo Powell, Russ Pope, Joe Yee, Fasthouse (Scott Dickson and Danny Osterman), Caleb Owens, Ethur Ethur, Cana Collective, Chris Wellhausen, Brendan Lutes, Christian Pondella and Meta.

Follow 805 on Instagram to see these artists’ work in action – we regularly use their photos, videos, animations, tee designs to fill the feed with rad content.