For Nate Tyler, the Central Coast is home. There is a pride in its raw, rugged beauty that invokes a desire to protect and preserve this place we live in. We are proud to call Nate a friend and to share his way of life.

805 Head Brewer Dustin Kral spent some time with Nate showing him around the brewery and some of the ways we are ensuring we are prioritizing the land and the community.

Water is an incredibly precious resource in California, and doing our part to preserve and conserve our water is vital. We have implemented a custom water reuse system that recycles 500,000 gallons of water annually, and 35 million gallons of water are treated on-site and returned to the local aquifer.

The majority of 805 beer is now brewed with California sunshine through our solar panel array nestled behind the brewery.

In an effort to eliminate as much waste as possible, we send roughly 10,000 pounds of spent grains to local farmers to feed their livestock. All of our raw materials are ordered and delivered in bulk to minimize packaging waste.

We also have what we call the “boneyard,” where we repurpose old equipment, and all excess cardboard, glass, and aluminum is recycled. You can see some of this recycling in all three of our Taproom restaurants.

In the words of 805 Head Brewer Dustin Kral, “We want to be as responsible as we possibly can in the process of doing what we love.”