We spent the better part of a weekend with our good friends from Fasthouse at this year’s TDS Enduro. The annual mountain bike event is a weekend full of competitive stages, downhill lines, and heavy dirt jumping in the hills of Grass Valley, California. At least that’s what the fine print says. If you want to imagine the setting for TDS Enduro, picture a scene with hyper-focused mountain bikers ripping down sweeping mountain trails with control and coolness, despite having to navigate around rocks, trees, and rowdy crowds. Think dirt, lots of shouting, and smiles all around. 

There were plenty of 805s and Cervezas to be had of course that, on a side note, taste just as good, if not better, when they feature dust on the can. The fans showed up in numbers, as well. And all were ready to have a good time. Another byproduct of post-pandemic blowout? Sure, maybe. But is anyone really making up excuses to get out of a weekend spent sipping cold ones and watching the best mountain bikers compete in perfect (well, a little rain in the morning but the sun did come around eventually) weather? No, absolutely not.

Grass Valley has always been a special place for hidden downhill and trail riding and we’re always honored to get the invite. Huge shoutout to Fasthouse rider and 805 Authentico Ryan (R-Dog) Howard, who was sending it, and to Myles Morgan, who won the whole thing. It’s great to get out of our own backyard and hang out with the vibrant mountain biking community up north, and the TDS Enduro is a reminder of that. Thanks for the killer time, and here’s to keeping everyone hydrated again next year.