We’ve teamed up with our good friends at YETI to come up with a killer collection that’ll keep your post-surf, post-hike, or just post-long-day beers cold. Stay covered when you go coastal, camping, or are just looking to enjoy some cold ones out in the sun with a cooler, colster, and bottle. Pick any or all up now then get ready to rule the cool and, more importantly, have the perfect place to stash a case of cold ones. Shop the 805 X YETI collection now.

The cooler is leakproof, tough-as-nails, and has a compact, cubed body for ultimate portability. That ice you toss in? It’s staying ice. You can thank that built-in, extreme insulation for that. The water bottle is just the right size for sipping and is fitted with a chug spout lid to make it easier to do just that. Up next is the colster, which fits your 805 or Cerveza cans perfectly. Whatever you toss in there, you’ll keep it sparkling crisp on even the hottest of beach bays. Don’t wait for things to cool off and grab this new collection while supplies last.