If you’ve been digging around our socials, one, thank you for enjoying our regular killer programming, but, two, you’ve probably realized a few new faces are making more than regular appearances on both our feed and stories. 

If you aren’t sippin’ what we’re pouring right now, we’ll give you a few hints. Both are rad California surfers who have been crushing it on the World Surf League’s qualifying and challenger series circuits over the past few years. Okay, one’s a regular footer from San Clemente, and the other is a screw foot from Long Beach. Need one more? Okay, One’s a 2023 US Open Of Surfing semifinalist and the other recently took home the big, gold, first place trophy and novelty check in the Jack’s Surfboards Pro. The latter also is a 2018 WSL World Junior champ. Fine, we’ll just tell you: their names are Nolan Rapoza and Kirra Pinkerton.

And they’re both our premier, and premiere, 805 Beer Athlete Booster Program athletes.

We know what you’re probably thinking, that this seems a little confusing and is just a lot of press release jargon. You’re right, the 805 Beer Athlete Booster Program is the phrase we’re using in long, adjective-less, legal documents. It means we’re doing everything from covering tour insurance, contest fees, and an endowment that helps you stay focused on surfing your best, to teaming our 805 surf pros Conner Coffin and Lakey Peterson for a bit of mentorship.

So, yes. Technically, it’s the right thing to say. But it’s also a bit long-winded, so let’s just say they’re our newest Authenticos. Because, in a way, they are. 

Like all our other Authenticos, Kirra and Nolan are killer Californians who reflect our values: hard-charging legends with great attitudes and a penchant for enjoying a few well-earned cold ones at the end of the day. Their beliefs are our beliefs, and we couldn’t be more stoked to welcome their vibes into our 805 Beer family. 

We’ll be following Kirra and Nolan throughout this 2024-2025 WSL competitive year. They’ll be hopping around everywhere from Pismo Beach to Manly Beach to Sunset Beach, and we’ll be there every step of the way too. Following them, supporting them, and, of course, making sure there’s a cooler full of cold ones ready to go whenever they come back to the sand. 

As of writing, both Kirra and Nolan finished up their heats at Bonsoy Gold Coast Pro. They’re both off to the GWM Sydney Surf Pro on the 9th of May, and you better believe we’ll be covering all the action on our socials. So, keep an eye out there and a thumb hovering above our profile icon so you don’t miss a moment from Kirra and Nolan’s journey. 

We couldn’t be more stoked to welcome in two incredible individuals who reflect the core of the 805. They’re wonderfully perfect new additions to our growing family. So, thank you for stoking us out, Kirra and Nolan. Now we promise to stoke you out in return by following along, cheering on, and cracking open some cold ones every time you hit the water.

You can learn more about Kirra and Nolan on their WSL pages and our socials. You can also stay tuned right here for their quickly-approaching Authentico pages and any other updates from their respective lineups.