The third stop of the annual VAHNA Motorcycle Film Festival tour is coming to Arizona, and we’ll be there hanging with cold beers in our hands. If you’re not yet familiar with the film festival, we have your back. It’s a film screening tour that makes it way at a number of stops in the U.S. to celebrate the creative art of motorcycle cinematography. Brought to life by VAHNA, Triumph Motorcycles America, 805 Beer, and a number of other moto-centric brands, the goal is to offer two-wheeled film makers a platform to share their stories and passion to the world. VAHNA has selected some top film submissions to screen at each tour stop as an impactful hub to watch and vote on their favorites. The overall voting results will determine the winners from the stops throughout the film tour. But we’ll get to that later.

We’ve been screening our 805 Beer Film, Inverted Perspective, at each stop of the VAHNA Motorcycle Film Festival. So, if you haven’t tuned in yet, the film takes a deep dive into Vicki’s powerful rise to the top of the motocross world, and uncovers just what it is that makes her tick. You can watch it right now, here.

In the world of motorbiking, there are riders, and then there are those whose passion for two wheels is nothing short of an exhilarating life journey.


We’re stoked to be alongside other like-minded and two-wheeled-obsessed brands to bring this passion project to life. Shout out to Triumph Motorcycles, VAHNA, Danner Boots, Bell Helmets, SKDA, REV’IT!, Condition 1, and the many others that provide the platform to make this all happen.

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