When it comes to ripping a bike with steeze, there aren’t many people who are better on two wheels than Ryan “R-Dog” Howard. Whether it’s soaring above the dirt, or just gripping the handlebars and getting after it, few people make it look as easy as R-Dog. He can throw massive airs, dominate the downhill, and make his way off the marked paths with ease. And all while rocking an ear-to-ear grin.  

Hailing from Aptos, California, R-Dog grew up around some of the best riding paths the Golden State has to offer. With a wealth of dirt jumps, slapping berms, and hills on tap, he became more than adept at throwing huge airs or asserting himself on the downhill. 

But even with so many options at his fingertips, R-Dog does appreciate branching out from his regular haunts. With lots to see out there, it’s rare you find R-Dog staying in one place for too long. Especially when there are fresh runs, hills, jumps, and ruts to be discovered. 

Seeing as we’ve been itching to explore some new runs with these longer, warmer summer days on hand, we thought it’d be good to call R-Dog up and chat summer biking. When he got back to us he was, of course, on the road. 

“I’m in Canada coaching kids’ bike camps for a couple of weeks,” he told us. “I’ll be up here for a couple of months actually.” 

“Summer is bike park season for me,” he continued. “So, I love to head north for Canada to take advantage of the British Columbia goodness that is world-renowned. No place I’d rather be!” 

“My go-to place for riding during the summers would have to be Whistler, Coast Gravity Park, and Revelstoke in Canada,” he said. “But when I’m home in California it’s Santa Cruz, Lake Tahoe, and Snow Summit!” 

And what’s his suggestion for our summer? “Get your buddies, a bunch of bikes, a full cooler, and hit the road. Nothing better than riding new places!” 

Some close friends, some open runs, and a grip of icy beers? Now there’s a suggestion that doesn’t sound too bad to us. A road trip a few clicks north of the border doesn’t sound like the worst idea, either. It is the summer after all.   


Earlier this year, we followed Ryan around his hometown to see the runs and jumps that made him the king of the bike that he is today. Watch the film to see more.