As of writing this, we’re only a few days into Red Bull Imagination, and it feels like we’ve already seen some of the greatest freestyle moto riding, well, ever. Maybe that’s because we have. And to think, that was all only during the practice round. We still had yet to experience the insanity of the main event.

Before we start, though, we had 805 Authentico and the man behind Imagination, Tyler Bereman whip up a playlist for us for the weekend. It’s full of all the things he listens to rev himself up before hopping on two wheels. So, in short, it’s full of nothing but certified winners.

It was our soundtrack as we cracked open cold ones and shared laughs with Tyler and 805 family members Seth Brisson and Vicki Golden on the ground in Fort Scott, Kansas. And now, we’re hoping you crack open a cold one, hit play, and get yourself ready to dive into all things Red Bull Imagination.

We covered plenty of behind-the-scenes moments from Kansas on our  Instagram, and you can scroll through there for some of the more digestible digital portions. Below are some more of the full-serving photo and video highlight reels that we believe deserve a full-screen rollout. Keep scrolling here to get amped up and see more from one of the most insane freestyle motocross events not only of the year, but ever. 

For those out of the know, Red Bull Imagination is more than just a motocross showcase. It’s the pinnacle of freeriding, and it’s evolving once again as the world’s top athletes descend on Fort Scott, Kansas. We’ve received some highlight packages from the event, and you can watch the all-star lineup of riders arrive at the E3 Ranch in Fort Scott as they dive into a practice session full of massive whips, huge sends across the new course and the camaraderie and teamwork that makes freeriding so special now. Just hit play below, to see what we mean.

So, how does the sport of freeride motocross continue to break new ground at Imagination? Well, the freeride draft with captains Robbie Maddison and Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg is a good place to start. What is it? Imagine five-rider teams competing head-to-head in five competition categories that embody the spirit of freeride progression, and then you have the right idea.
Sit in on the draft, get to know Team Maddo and Team Twitch, and settle in for the end-of-practice sessions, which include some regular Vicki Golden madness here.

The main Imagination broadcast will air on ESPN2 on October 8 from 4:00 pm-5:00 pm EST (1:00 pm-2:00 pm PST). And if you can’t find the broadcast, you can watch the full event recap once it hits the web below. So, keep your internet tab open on this page as long as your laptop’s on and keep a close eye on our Instagram and other social channels.

We’ll continue to deliver highlights and look back at all the killer times we had in Kansas well after the broadcast airs. Why? Well, because it was a weekend full of cold beers and good times, and that’s what we’re all about. So why not?