What’s more to say about bronc rider Randy Johnson? That’s a true cowboy right there! Bronc riding is a classic event of rodeo, it’s a young man’s sport and Randy Johnson is the last of a dying breed “Lift and hustle, hang on for just one more try.”

“A lot of people have their idols like Elvis Presley and The Beatles, mine were a couple of guys who won on the Rodeo. You know you’re strapping yourself on an animal that could kill you. Whoever says they are not a little bit scared, they’re lying.”

“My grandparents raised me, not my dad, I never knew my dad. I wanted to be popular because I wasn’t, I was raised poor and I was really too little to play football. You know being able to ride a horse, a bucking horse and win, that brought me to the popular table.”

“A saddle will get you a ride quicker than a gas can, you can hitchhike from here to Florida if you got a saddle. I have been in every state except Alaska and Hawaii. And Rodeos in most of those towns, if I didn’t Rodeo, I picked a job up putting shoes on Horses or breaking a Horse.  It’s about all I know.”

“Even in the grocery store, I got people coming up to me saying “Aren’t you the guy that rides? Yeah, you’re that old guy riding horses in the rodeo”, the first thing they say is “Man you’re crazy” and I say, “Well I reckon so.”

Let Your Worries Go Away

“A lot of this is finesse, if you can get in rhythm with the horse as soon as it gets out of the gate, it’s like sitting in a chair.  Just hang on for another jump, another jump and one more jump, you got this.”

“I don’t want to be old, my heart tells me “you ain’t” and my body says “you are.”  I ain’t never going to grow up, I am old but I ain’t never growing up. You’re judged by that 3rd and 4th try and I think I got one more try.”